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My name is Yasmeen Mezil. I am a scientist by training, and educator and illustrator by practice. 


The scientist

As a PhD candidate of Medical Sciences at McMaster University, I research the systemic effects of exercise on muscle and bone physiology in children and adults. My research enables me to use a range of experimental approaches including but not limited to fitness testing, protein quantification, and various cell culture techniques. These experiences have given me an interdisciplinary outlook on my research which has contributed significantly to my understanding and application of science. purposes including education, training, and knowledge.  


the educator

Equipped with nearly 8 years of teaching experience,  I have taught anatomy and physiology to students at Brock University and McMaster University. My teaching style is built on a foundation of experiential and interactive learning, which benefits my students in classroom and real-world applications. Amongst my teaching approaches is my transformation of blackboards into interactive and team-building platforms that encourage students to collaborate and critically think about the content while appreciating the complexity of the human body. 


the illustrator

As an artist, visual representation has always been one of my greatest strengths. My passion for artistic expression stems from years of creating and designing elements inspired by my surroundings and imagination. My skillfulness in art coupled with my strong background in science allows me to portray complex concepts into simple, informative, and beautiful illustrations which can be used for a variety of purposes including education, training, and knowledge dissemination.  purposes including education, training, and knowledge dissemination.  

Illustration, to me, represents the exciting intersection between science, anatomy, and art. It allows me to express myself while learning about the wonders of my surroundings in the most colourful and vibrant ways. I am thankful to be able to experience the world this way, and look forward to using my skill and passion to make significant contributions in research, education, and art.